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I experimented this morning with making some pancakes I can eat. Here’s what I tried:

1.5 cups Barley Flour
0.5 cup Potato Flour
0.25 cup Tapioca Flour
3 tbsp Arrowroot Flour
2 tbsp oil
Water until it was a decent consistency

Oh man, it was BAD. I have never had anything like it. The inside of these would just NOT cook. At first, I thought I must have just had the heat way too high, but nope. I turned it down enough that they took 15 minutes to still not cook all the way through. It was bizarre. They tasted very, very potato-y, but I’m not sure what type of flour it was that caused the consistency problem. I would suspect the tapioca flour, but it seems like a common part of many commercial wheat free flour mixes. It was awful.

Once I made wheat-free “tortillas” that were much more like pancakes than this. The mix was barley flour and oat flour (which I was out of today). It was more of a “whole-wheat” taste. I’m going to keep trying to get something passable.

Now how did we choke these horrible, potato-y, doughy beasts down? Fruit sauces. Mmmm. I make a habit of freezing fruit in the summer for use in crisps. This morning I made a Huckleberry sauce with the last of my Huckleberries and a Blueberry-Cherry sauce. I just put the fruit in a pan with a little water and a pinch of sugar for the huckleberries and simmer them down to a good consistency. Mmmmm. Drown these gawd-awful things in enough of those sauces and it’s actually darn tasty! Yay for fruit!


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Oh, I wish I had more pictures of my creations today.

  • This morning, I headed to the Farmer’s Market with my big cloth bags. I left with at least 35 lbs of veggies and fruit! My arm was about to fall off on my walk back to the car. My big splurge for the trip was a 1 lb bag of huckleberries. I freeze them and throw a few into fruit desserts. They are so flavorful that a small amount goes a long way. They are pricey little buggers, though. A 1lb bag was $9.
  • Once I got back from that expedition, I went out to my garden and picked herbs. They are approaching the end of their season and I will have to leave the perennials alone entirely soon. I blanched some and stuck it in the freezer. I cut up the basil and put it in an ice cube tray with olive oil, which is my favorite way to preserve basil. I got some prepared for drying.
  • I have a 5-day river trip coming up next week with EZ and my Dad. Because of my food limitations, I offered to prepare the dinners. I decided to make lasagna to freeze for one dinner. I took the opportunity to make homemade Italian tomato sauce for the first time. Unfortunately, my garden is currently giving me just a trickle of tomatoes, so I had to buy some. However, I grew all the herbs that went into the sauce! That’s a nice feeling, even if a very modest accomplishment. The smell of the sauce was amazing. I can wait to try the lasagna!
  • When I was at the market, the whole chickens were on sale because they were close to their expiration date. So I bought one to make tonight. I roasted the chicken my favorite way. I left that useless old rack out and coarsely chopped potatoes, onion, zucchini, radishes, carrots, and green beans into the bottom of the roasting pan. I set the chicken on top of the veggies for a ‘rack’. Then I mixed butter, olive oil, fresh basil, parsley, sage, oregano, and garlic together, pulled up the chicken’s skin and rubbed the mixture all over the bird. About an hour later, I was the Hero of Dinnertime!
  • Finally, I used the huckleberries, blueberries and peaches I got at the Farmer’s Market to make a peach-huckleberry crisp for the river trip. Yummy!
  • After all that, I told EZ to clean the kitchen. And he did! Love that man.

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